Environment Art

Commercial and Personal work

Spyro Reignited Trilogy- I was responsible for completely recreating 6 of the levels with the help of a texture artist and using assets from other team members when possible

A scene created from photogrammetry assets that I shot and processed myself. Sticks and grass were stock models, everything else was created by me.

Created a short Title animation with Unreal Engine Sequencer
Materials relied heavily on Substance Designer + Painter

Created a procedural substance material to generate new roof patterns for background details

Rendered in 3ds max with Vray, Modeled in zbrush

Terrain experiments. I find procedural terrain tools to be a very useful visual design and layout tool

Process and Old work

Some not as pretty examples showcasing process or older projects


Created for the apocalyptic western shooter Warm Gun
Rendered in Unreal Engine 3 and Marmoset

Prop kits used to populate various environments